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Latest posts in the whole of Gran Canaria

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Looking for a job: dementia or mental health nurse - 0 replies

Fergiecat123 Posted by Fergiecat123 in Jobs and careers in Maspalomas on Wed Jan 22, 2020 2:01pm

have over 30 yrs experience working for nhs and ran my own carers angency for home support, prefer to work in clients homes. also i am a mentor/trainer for stdent nurses

moving - 0 replies

Fergiecat123 Posted by Fergiecat123 in General property discussion in Maspalomas on Wed Jan 22, 2020 1:42pm


i have visited gran caneria many times over last 10 yrs and hope to move to the island by end of 2020. there are a few things i would be grateful for your help/advise

1 i am 58 year old  male  dementia nurse in uk, wotking in clients homes, care homes and hospital settings. =can i do the same in  gran canceria. . i only wish to work part time

2 how can i rent property before i buy for 6 months 

3 how can i open a gran caneria bank account

4 i have a british passport plus european passport as i was born in ireland. both valid

5 i used to run my own home care agency and would like to see what opportunties there were for this on island

6 i will try and learn spanish whilst there but do i need to know language to work first

many thanks if you can help with any of the above

ps i have a cat called dasiy who i would like to live with me . what are the restictions/laws

Introduction of Ela - 0 replies

ElaR Posted by ElaR in Introduce yourselves in Mogán on Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:54am

Dear Megan Forum fellow users,

I am a snowbird - a term we use for people in Canada and Northern USA who go South to escape the Winter. I am hoping to popularize the term. I  want to rent a room with kitchen access for February and March. If you have a spare room and want some company and/or help << let me know.

Are there an English language Christian or UnitarianUniversalist Sunday services available on Gran Canaria?

Can one do some TEFL teaching here? classroom or conversational.

I am going to check the clubs and groups section now to find some kindred spirits.

Thanks for reading my post


Please can someone advise what is the nearest Osteopath to the Hotel Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso Hotel? - 0 replies

A2772 Posted by A2772 in Healthcare and medical advice in Playa De Amadores on Sat Jan 18, 2020 10:33am

Please can someone advise who is the nearest Osteopath to the hotel Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso Hotel.

Proposal Services in Maspalomas outdoors . - 0 replies

mecq1976 Posted by mecq1976 in Things to do and places to go in Maspalomas on Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:10pm

Hello everyone and welcome to the new wedding request service in Maspalomas. We offer a service in local areas where the views are dreamy and with a magic touch. We offer home pick-up and transfer them to the place where we have everything prepared for the magic service order . We also offer ambient music and dress them up with champagne flowers of decoration and make everything possible for the Amaizing Proposal Event. We show you the options of places in Gran Canaria where it can be on the beach or in the mountains. If you want more information, this is contact number 691329462.

Looking to relocate to Gran Canaria - 2 replies

LuckyMichael Posted by LuckyMichael in Residency in Las Palmas: padron, residencia and passport advice on Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:43pm

Hello everyone,

I have just joined this forum today, after a very long search and emails. I am hoping someone could give advice on relocating to Gran Canaria. I am South African and my husband is British, we are currently looking to start a better life in the sun after living in Scotland for too many years.But we for we can make the big move we are in need of advice on immigration lawyers in Gran Canaria, we have made a few enquiry by reading reviews and contacting a few but only one came back and gave us a ridicolous fee quotation. 

Has anyone on here have ever had to deal with immigration lawyers, what are their average fees for dealing with visa applications? any info would be greatly appreciated.



Which hotel - 2 replies

Posted by Andy65 in Holidays in Maspalomas on Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:30am

Hi. I Am planning to visit the maspolomas area for a short holiday with some friends in march this year. I am looking for recommendations for a nice hotel half board for younger people. I have read some recent reviews and some are saying that the average age of some hotels is around 70 so just looking for a younger crowd. 

Where to Swim, Snorkel, Boogey-board, Explore Tide Pools, Stroll on Beach, etc Year-round? - 0 replies

Beachtownsearch Posted by Beachtownsearch in Moving to Maspalomas: tips and advice on Mon Jan 6, 2020 9:31am

Hello everyone,

My first post here and I thank you for reading it. I also look forward to your valuable input.

My wife and I, from Canada, have recently moved to Fuengirola, Malaga. While it is a nice town, the sea water temperature rarely exceeds  a cold 16 deg. Being lovers of beach life, we therefore want to move to a warmer place where we can swim, snorkel, boogey-board, etc. - if not all year round, then for the maximum number of months possible.

We would rent an apartment from June 2020, if not earlier; that is modest but nice. Ideally, it should be situated within walking distance to the beach, conveniences and public transport (we prefer not to own a car). We also like to lead a simple and healthy lifestyle. 

We are hearing great things about the Canaries in general and about Gran Canaria in particular. Having never visited ourselves (just online search so far), any input that is kindly provided by more experienced people on the subject of where to live to enjoy the sea to the fullest, as well as any other information about the area and the lifestyle it offers, would be considered to be most relevant and highly valuable.

Thank you very much for reading,  -Beachtownsearch

Piano player - 0 replies

Andypiano Posted by Andypiano in Things to do and places to go in Maspalomas on Mon Jan 6, 2020 5:39am

Hi I came to Gran Canaria on the 7th Dec from England to Las Palmas and brought my piano with me and have decided to stay for a while and have rented a house near Maspalomas  and wondered if there was any place I could play piano or team up with a singer .I play piano with emotion.

Thanks Andy

chiropractor - 0 replies

vectra02 Posted by vectra02 in Healthcare and medical advice in Ingenio on Fri Dec 27, 2019 12:21pm

I need a chiropractor in the Ingenio area? 

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