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Welcome to our website all about Maspalomas in Spain. I'm Alex and this site was created by my mother to help provide useful information in a friendly online community. Maspalomas forum is part of our Gran Canaria Forum and is a free, easy to use, website and forum for expats, residents and holidaymakers to find out everything about Maspalomas and the Gran Canaria. Register now for free!

General Maspalomas discussion

Talk about everything related to Maspalomas that isn't covered elsewhere

Where to stay 3 months

Where to stay 3 months

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Where to buy things in Maspalomas

Find out more about where to buy things in Maspalomas



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Everything you need to know about visiting, moving to and living in Spain.

Coronavirus discussion

Latest post: Travel from UK
Please use this forum to request or offer help to neighbours who may need your help to get supplies during this situation if they cannot leave their homes. Remember to only share personal details via PM and leave the supplies by your door and do not let anyone you don't know enter your home.
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Get to know eachother in Maspalomas

New to the forum? Introduce yourself to all those in Maspalomas
Latest post: Where to stay in march and april
Looking to find and meet friends in Maspalomas? Make friends online, find new friends or reunite with long lost friends in Maspalomas
Latest post: Tennis and Hanging out.
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Maspalomas discussion

Talk about everything related to Maspalomas that isn't covered elsewhere
Latest post: maspalomas beach beds
Are you looking to move to Maspalomas? Talk to residents about the best place to live, hints, tips, advice and much more.
Latest post: Two month rental required for August and Sept
Looking for advice, hints and tips for animals and pets in Maspalomas? Share advice with other residents in Maspalomas to keep your pets happy and healthy.
Latest post: Is there any pet agent in Gran Canaria?
Get all your questions about banking and finances in Maspalomas answered here!
Latest post: Exchange rate today
Discuss your questions about Brexit and the EU and what it means for Maspalomas
Latest post: Living in Gran Canaria during Transition
Discuss broadband internet, Wifi, phone and TV in Maspalomas. Topics ranging from ADSL, ISPs, broadband speed tests and checkers, cheap broadband and phone deals, choices and comparison, fibre broadband, superfast satellite broadband and more.
Latest post: Best internet provider Gran Canaria ?
Want to get somewhere in and around Maspalomas? Find out more about buses, trains and public transport in Maspalomas
Latest post: Airport busses
Advertise here for free any unwanted/secondhand items that you would like to sell or buy in Maspalomas. For example: Household items/Bicycles/Garden furniture etc. Please include prices and photos, if possible.
Latest post: Wanted: Damen- und Herrenfahrrad
Looking for coach trips, tours, holidays and day trips in Maspalomas? Discuss these here and find the best one for you!
Having trouble with your computer and need to ask a question? Or are you looking for computer lessons? Try asking in this forum and our team of experts will try and help you
Latest post: Printer
Discuss driving, hiring, buying and owning a car in Maspalomas, including licences and documents, ITV testing etc
Latest post: Taxi from Gran Canaria Airport
Keep up to date with fiestas, Semana Santa, parades and tapas trails in Maspalomas. Find out more about the Spanish festivals happening in Maspalomas.
Discuss everything about flights, baggage and airports in Maspalomas. Everything from flight trackers, last minute flights, cheapest flights and more.
Latest post: Flights
Discuss everything about gardening, plants, insects and pests in Maspalomas. Everything from gardening tips to garden pots and much more!
Latest post: How to stop cats fouling in garden
Looking for health, beauty, fitness and sport in Maspalomas? Talk to residents in Maspalomas about makeup, fitness, sports clubs, nutrition, beauty salons and much more.
Latest post: Are there any Therapists/Psychologists near Maspalomas?
Find out more about healthcare and medical advice in Maspalomas. Discuss things like the european health insurance card, health insurance and health care, private medical insurance, travel insurance quotes and more.
Latest post: Health Insurance.
Discuss the best places to go on holiday in Maspalomas. Find out more about low cost holidays, all inclusive holidays, last minute holidays, city breaks, cheap all inclusive holidays, last minute hotel deals, short breaks and more in Maspalomas.
Latest post: Club maspalomas suite and spa
Find out more about insurances and wills in Maspalomas. Discuss things like travel insurance, car insurance quotes, holiday insurance, life insurance, home insurance, van insurance, cheap travel insurance, bike insurance, as well as insurance comparison and more.
Latest post: Will Writing
Looking for a job and career in Maspalomas? Find job jacancies in Maspalomas such as chef jobs, retail jobs, bar work and much more!
Latest post: Job vacancy: Needed English speaking plumber
Have you lost or found an item in Maspalomas? Maybe you have lost a phone or passport? Talk to people in Maspalomas to see if we can help!
Latest post: Lost: Lost in San Agustin: Black leather wallet with id documents and personal stuff inside
Looking for a missing person in the Maspalomas area? Post your message for free to let others help find missing people in Maspalomas.
Find information and discussions about your neighbourhood watch in Maspalomas.
Latest news, videos, breaking stories in Maspalomas.
Latest post: Gran Canaria’s southern beaches to close for a night to avoid crowds celebrating San Juan
Post photos of your pets on the Maspalomas forum!
Do you have any nice photos and pictures of Maspalomas? Share with us your favourite images of Maspalomas.
Find out what restaurants, cafes and bars people are recommending in Maspalomas. Find tapas de bars, pubs, cafes and much more in Maspalomas.
Find out which tradesman and companies people in Maspalomas are recommending. Find recommended builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and more in Maspalomas.
Latest post: Can anyone recommend: Carpenter
Find out more about residency in Maspalomas: padron, residencia and passport advice. Find advice about immigration, eu residence permits and more.
Find out more about safety and security information in Maspalomas. Find advice about keeping your property secure as well as recommendations for grills, locks, alarms, gates, CCTV and much more.
Find advice about taxes, suma, NIE and general tax advice for those living in Maspalomas. Find advice about tax calculators, tax return, inheritance tax, income tax rates and more. Particularly tax affecting expats in Spain and Maspalomas.
Find out more about taxis in Maspalomas. Find reviews and recommendations for taxi services, airport pickup services and more in Maspalomas.
Find out more about things to do and places to go in Maspalomas. Find what to do in Maspalomas, what to see, attractions for all of the family, and top 10 things to do in Maspalomas.
Latest post: Maspalomas Playa ingles Puerto rico Las palmas Telde
Find out more about what residents in Maspalomas have recommended for utilities such as electric, gas and water. Find recommendations and advice for making sure your property in Maspalomas is supplied by the best utility companies.
Find out more about the weather in Maspalomas. Find the average temperature, weather forecasts, accuweather, BBC weather, weather channel, and more in Maspalomas.
Latest post: Weather in Feb or December
Find out more about where to buy things in Maspalomas
Latest post: Pets
Find out where to hire things in Maspalomas. Rent equipment, baby equipment such as cots and car seats, gym equipment and more in Maspalomas.
Latest post: Where can I hire a travel cot

Maspalomas property discussion

Take part in our ceneral property discussion in Maspalomas
Latest post: Maspalomas Lago
Wanting to sell your property or buy property for sale in Maspalomas? Find a property, apartments, houses and villas for sale in Maspalomas
Are you looking to rent a property in Maspalomas or would like to advertise your property for rent in Maspalomas? Find the perfect rental property for you, including apartments, houses and villas and more.
Are you looking to rent or buy a property in Maspalomas? Post what you are looking for here and our members will help you find apartments, villas and houses in Maspalomas.
Latest post: Property wanted to rent: 1 bedroom

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